Water Conservation Efforts

Reducing water usage at your fitness club is important to ClubSport and Renaissance ClubSport.

All California ClubSport and Renaissance ClubSport properties are committed to meeting or exceeding the mandatory and voluntary water reductions put forth by their respective water districts. ClubSport and Renaissance ClubSport are committed to a 30 percent reduction in water consumption based on 2013 water usage, and we can reach that number with the help of our members.



All clubs have installed a high-efficiency laundry system.

Using a combination of super-heated water and environmentally friendly chemicals, we are able to launder towels in a reduced volume of water and each load is maximized.


All clubs use high-quality, low-flow shower heads.

We select our showerheads for having the right combination of water restriction while still delivering a great shower experience.


Exterior water saving efforts:

• All clubs are reducing lawns and flower beds by replacing them with artificial turf and drought-resistant indigenous grasses, succulents, and other native plants.
• Clubs are installing smart irrigation controls that measure moisture in the soil to determine when watering is appropriate and for how long.
• All clubs are watering only in the evening and overnight to reduce the impact of evaporation.
• Pool and pool deck management practices are being revised to ensure that pools are kept crystal clear in the most efficient manner possible.


Strategies in the works:

• All clubs are working with local water districts to schedule surveys to ensure our efforts meet water use best practices.
• All clubs are installing motion sensor faucets or single-valve faucets. Both faucet types have proven to help users conserve water while maintaining ease of use.
• Properties with dishwashing capacities are working to ensure their washers are working efficiently.

Simple things we can all do to conserve water

1. Turn off water while you're brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing dishes by hand.

2. Take shorter showers. Reducing showering time from 10 minutes to five can save up to 12.5 gallons if you use a water-efficient showerhead.

3. Reduce the frequency of outdoor watering to one-day-a-week or less.

4. Water your landscape only between 9 pm to 6 am to reduce water loss from wind and evaporation. Use shut-off nozzles on hoses.

5. For compatible irrigation controllers, use the “percent-adjustment” feature to reduce scheduled watering by 20 percent.

6. Do your laundry or wash dishes only when you have full loads.

7. Install water-efficient devices such as faucet aerators and showerheads. Most water districts offer free hardware to homeowners.