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Try pilates and yoga classes at ClubSport San Jose.


Exhale. We offer over 20 yoga classes per week that fit your schedule, level, and mood. Private lessons, occasional yoga retreats, and teacher training round out our yoga program.

Yoga Classes

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Candlelit Yoga

Practiced by candle light to soften the body and relax the mind, this gentle flow yoga class is appropriate for all levels.

Flow Yoga

Suitable for students of any level, this yoga class features flowing and sustained postures synchronized with breath and concentration to help you calm your mind.

Gentle Yoga

Structured around rejuvenating and healing the body, this class will help you develop breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility. It's great for people new to yoga or for those who experiencing joint sensitivity, overall stiffness due to lack of activity, or other physical limitations.

Heated Yoga

Heated Yoga helps restore and maintain range of motion, alignment, and proper stimulation to all vital organs and systems. Our studio is heated from 85-90 degrees to keep your muscles supple and help prevent injury. You should drink plenty of water before, during, and after class. All levels are welcome. We strongly recommend that you bring your own mat.

Heated Yoga Strength

Get ready to sweat! Enter our heated studio for this total body, yoga-infused class that combines traditional yoga poses with cardio and strength-based exercises using free weights to challenge your strength, flexibility, and stamina. This class can be modified for all fitness levels.

Power Yoga

This high intensity class is designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Learn to link breath and movement while also testing your physical and mental stamina. This class is fun, challenging, and great for people of all yoga levels.

SoulFlow Yoga

Combine breath and movement to find complete balance. Suitable for all levels, this class uses soulful music to help you flow into the grooves of your body. Playlists combine everything from hip hop to eastern, jazz, and pretty much every style of music in the world.

Pilates Reformer
Improve and Increase your Strength & Mobility


Unlimited Fee-Based Classes:

  • • Pure Pilates Reformer
  • • Pilates Reformer Combo
  • • Power Pilates Reformer
  • • Pilates Reformer Stretch
  • • Pilates 1 on 1 training


Build a lean, strong body with Pilates. Our certified Pilates instructors will guide you through this system of exercises designed to develop core strength, build flexibility, improve body awareness, and decrease the risk of injury. Choose from free Pilates mat classes or sign up for fee-based small group Pilates reformer classes. Small group sessions are held in studios and offer classical as well as advanced training on the equipment. Private lessons are also available.

See the group fitness schedule for free Pilates mat classes or the Pilates schedule for Pilates reformer class times and fees. Sign up for fee-based classes and private lessons at the Activities Desk or online through Member Self-Service.

Your Body on Namaste

Experience total balance. Try a free class.