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Join TEAM ClubSport for group runs, swim training and cycling.

Make your personal best even better. TEAM ClubSport brings together runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes of all levels who wish to train in a fun and supportive environment. Meet new people and find motivation in the camaraderie, accountability, and excitement of group training. 

Get connected with the TEAM ClubSport community: it's free with your membership.

Be your best this year with TEAM ClubSport! It’s the perfect community for those who want to run, cycle, swim, or compete in triathlons. Whatever your sport, whether novice or experienced, TEAM is offered free to members with weekly organized runs, cycle rides, and swims. TEAM ClubSport also offers fee-based run, tri, and cycle training programs and participates in local race events and fundraisers. ​







• Weekly run and cycle workouts

• TEAM clinics and workshops

• Option to participate in TEAM challenge events

• Incentive programs and rewards

• TEAM apparel available for purchase

• End-of-season party

TEAM ClubSport is free to members. For more information, contact your club's TEAM Coach.

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Track the miles on STRAVA that you run, cycle and/or swim in 2018 and get rewarded along the way!

When you reach any of the mileage milestones listed below, contact your TEAM ClubSport Coach, Marie to get your prize. Free to TEAM ClubSport Members.

SWIM | 50 | 75 | 100 | 150 | miles

BIKE | 500 | 1000 | 2500 | 4500 | miles

RUN | 100 | 300| 500 | 1000 | miles


Join TEAM ClubSport TEAM ClubSport It's free to members.

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SWIM | 50 | 75 | 100 | 150 | miles

BIKE | 500 | 1000 | 2500 | 4500 | miles

RUN | 100 | 300| 500 | 1000 | miles

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