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Pursue total wellness. Our core philosophy, Optimize, encourages members to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Set your fitness goals and we'll provide you with the guidance and tools you need to achieve them. But it doesn't end there — after the original goals are reached, new ones are set and the pursuit of wellness begins anew.

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Your mindset is the force that drives you. It's a combination of your attitude and behaviors and it's the cause of your current state. To achieve change, you must first alter your behaviors and your attitude toward that process. Only then will your mindset shift to allow for success going forward.

Movement is essential. All kinds of movement. From walking to dancing, swimming, running, or cycling, our bodies are built to move. Strengthen your muscles and prime yourself for movement regardless of your fitness level.


What you eat affects every aspect of your health, so it's time to see food beyond the fuel that keeps your body going. Proper nutrition isn't about strict dietary limitation or deprivation, but rather about creating a food plan that improves your health and energy to help you reach your wellness goals.

Recovery is as much a cornerstone of optimal wellness as anything else, as it allows your body and mind the time to replenish and repair damaged tissues caused by training and exercise. Avoid fatigue, injury, and missed goals by making sure your body always feels fresh and strong to perform.



If food is fuel, then metabolism is how well your body converts that fuel into energy. Learn different strategies to fine-tune your metabolism so that it runs efficiently at any stage of your life.

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