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A group training experience, powered by technology, that connects you with your true potential.

We created F3, a fitness system designed to condition the body’s core components of strength, cardio, and flexibility. By integrating these three elements into all of our classes and training sessions, and by building custom tracks that offer specialization in each of them, we have transformed the idea of what fitness is for anyone, at any level.

Improve strength and build your metabolic engine.
Develop muscular systems through focused strength training.

Torch calories and burn fat.

Elevate your heart rate to challenge and build your cardio-respiratory systems.

Recharge, renew and repeat.

Improve your resilience, increase your mobility and enhance your recovery through carefully curated movement and breathing patterns.


The freedom to access all of our premium programming is now yours with F3 Prime.

Unlimited access to:
• Forge Classes in the EDGE
• Fire Circuit Classes - NEW!
• Flow Classes - NEW!
• Pilates Reformer Classes
• Sprint 8 Training

Only $79/month




Choose your journey, take classes, and earn points with our app.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About our Forge Fire Flow Training App

How do app rewards work?

You will earn 100 points for every class you complete. You will earn your first reward at 800 points. You will see a pop-up screen appear in the app when you earn a badge. You can then visit the Service Desk at your club to redeem your reward.  The reward counter resets back to zero points at each reward threshold.  This means that your total points for the next reward will be 2,000 (800 plus 1,200).

How many points do I earn for each class?

You will earn 100 points for every F3 class that you complete (enrolled and checked-in).  When viewing a class in the app you can click on the “Additional Info” button to see exactly how that class is scored.

I just finished a class, when will my new points appear in the app?

Your new class points should appear in the app the next time you log in.

How come I don’t always see all 100 points added to my profile after I finish a class?

Your Total Points will increase by 100 after every class.  This number is represented in the rewards meter on the home page of the app and as Total Points on the Profile tab of the app.

The Forge, Fire and Flow scores and graphics on the home screen are influenced by two factors: how a class is scored and how many points you have already accumulated in each category.  For example: if you have satisfied all your Flow requirements for your current focus level, and you complete a class that is scored as 100 Flow points your Flow graphic and your Flow points score will not change.  However, all 100 points will be added to your Total Points and bring you that much closer to your next reward.

When do new badges appear in my profile?

Newly earned badges appear in your profile on your next log-in.

How can I reset my Username/Password?

You can reset either Username or Password by clicking “Having trouble signing in?” on the app login screen or within the Settings tab in the app.

How long should it take to log into the app?

Log-in times vary based on several factors including access to cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

Does the app work offline?

No – the app requires access to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Does the app show substitutes instructors?

The app will display the most up to date information provided by our club management software. This means that last minute substitutions will not be displayed, but instructor changes that are planned will show up in the app.

Will the app put me on the wait list for a class that is already full?
No, this feature has not yet been incorporated into the app. We are working on including this in a future version.


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