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A group training experience, powered by technology, that connects you with your true potential.

We created F3, a fitness system designed to condition the body’s core components of strength, cardio, and flexibility. By integrating these three elements into all of our classes, and by building custom tracks that offer specialization in each of them, we have transformed the idea of what fitness is for anyone, at any level.


Improve strength and build your metabolic engine.
Develop muscular systems through focused strength training.

Torch calories and burn fat.

Elevate your heart rate to challenge and build your cardio-respiratory systems.

Recharge, renew and repeat.

Improve your resilience, increase your mobility and enhance your recovery through carefully curated movement and breathing patterns.


The freedom to access all of our premium programming is now yours with F3 Prime.

Unlimited access to:
• Forge Classes in the EDGE
• Fire Circuit Classes - NEW!
• Flow Classes - NEW!
• Pilates Reformer Classes
• Sprint 8 Training

Only $79/month


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