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Learn about weight loss and nutrition programs at ClubSport.

Services and Packages

Our club nutrition expert is available to provide you with individual dietetic education, coaching, and counseling you need to control your weight, manage medical conditions, and improve physical fitness and performance.




A complete nutrition and training program designed specifically for you based on your health and fitness goals


5 One-Hour Personal Training Sessions
2 One-Hour Nutrition Consultations

$550 ($36 Savings)   




Lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks with 10 fitness and nutrition sessions or get your money back!


7 One-Hour Personal Training Sessions
3 One-Hour Nutrition Consultations
1 Metabolism Boost Bundle

$840 ($107 Savings)    



Intial Consultation    (60 minutes)         $98
1 Follow-up               (30 minutes)         $59
3 Follow-ups             (30 minutes)         $160 ($17 Savings)     
5 Follow-ups             (30 minutes)         $250 ($45 Savings)  


*Savings based on basic trainer prices.


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Call Lane Dailey at (925) 463-2822 to schedule an appointment.
Appointments can be conducted over the phone and Skype.





Lane is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist with 8 years of personal nutrition consulting experience.Previously in New York, she grew a Nutrition Wellness Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, focusing on pediatric and adult weight management with a wide range of clinical specialties including diabetes, gestational diabetes, cardiology, and oncology. She has recently studied Exercise Nutrition and is excited to join the ClubSport Team and help members reach their own personal nutrition goals.

Wednesday, May 9, 10:30am & 6:00pm

Did you know that there is something in your kitchen that you’ve probably never heard of before, but it’s the #1 superfood that will help you get a total body transformation? Learn about this key ingredient to feeling smarter, dropping unwanted fat, making digestion easier, having better-looking skin, living longer, and feeling great! 


Nutrition Supplements

Supplements will never replace proper nutrition, but they can help you hit your fitness goals faster! Supplements complement your diet and help cover nutrient gaps, ensuring that your body has what it needs for peak performance. No matter what your training goals are, the right supplements can help improve your health, performance, and physique.

The supplements we carry are categorized to make it easy to navigate through the supplements available that will directly impact your symptoms to optimize your health.

Live Healthy

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