Pilates Reformer One-on-One Training

Build a lean, strong body with one-on-one Pilates training.

Our certified Pilates instructors will guide you through this system of exercises designed to develop core strength, build flexibility, improve body awareness, and decrease the risk of injury. Pilates Reformer workouts are like no other workout around! These classes will focus on strengthening, lengthening, and increasing flexibility with little to no impact on the joints. Techniques based on Joseph Pilates will emphasize appropriate anatomical alignment to ensure proper posture and bring balance to the body, helping to reduce pain and injuries. This workout is for everyone; from the person coming back from an injury to the advanced athlete! See why this is the best workout around! 

One-on-One Pilates Reformer Training

(55-minute sessions)

1 Session | $128

4 Sessions | $512 ($128/session)

8 Sessions | $1,024 ($128/session)

12 Sessions | $1,356 ($113/session)

16 Sessions | $1,808 ($113/session)

24 Sessions | $2,592 ($108/session)

32 Sessions | $3,456 ($108/session)

36 Sessions | $3,708 ($103/session)


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