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Court Sports

The floor is yours. Challenge friends and other members to a fast-paced workout on our courts through pickup games, leagues, tournaments, and clinics. Basketball, volleyball, racquetball, squash, and handball are complimentary for all club members. Check with the Activities Desk for more information on clinics, leagues, and tournaments.

Court Sports Schedule


Put all that hard-earned strength and stamina you’ve gained to good use! Compete with friends in pickup games or join in a league. Playing competitively helps you raise the stakes while having a ball.



Volleyball is the perfect combination of sport and social activity. This heart-pumping workout will require you to tap into all your physical ability and work as a team to get the win. Drop in for match or join a league — you're sure to have a great time.



Test and improve your speed, stamina, balance, and coordination, and flexibility with this trio of fun sports.


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