We may be temporarily closed, but you’re not off the hook. Check out our weekly schedule of free Yoga and Pilates classes via Instagram Live or Zoom, so you can stay fit and healthy while at home. We'll 'see' you there!

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Exhale. We are currently offering a handful of weekly at-home yoga classes to keep your practice going.

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Yoga Basics

Geared to the beginning student, focusing on basic yoga postures and techniques that can apply to any style of yoga. Introducing basic breathing techniques, postural alignment, and yoga philosophy. Each month we choose a different theme of exploration to provide a sense of continuity and success in starting out your practice. If you have not done yoga previously, we recommend this class to help you build a stable and beneficial foundation.

Fusion Flow Yoga Level 1-2

This class will draw on various styles of yoga from Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin, Yang, Kundalini, and Iyenger. This fusion class will let you experience and enjoy the benefits of exploring different styles of yoga all fused into one fantastic adventure. All levels welcome

Yin Yoga Level 1

This traditional and ancient style of yoga focuses on finding a deep quiet and stillness in the body and mind. Restorative Yin poses with be given to open the joints and fascia for improved flexibility. Most of the poses will be done on your mat and holding poses from 2-6 minutes. This class is a great remedy for stress relief, athletes of all ages, and is an important complement to any wellness program. Relax and unwind body and mind.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 2

A Vinyasa style of traditional yoga linking movement with breath while incorporating a heat-building sequence of Sanskrit poses. This power yoga inspired class will leave your mind, body, and soul feeling invigorated. For the more experienced yoga student.

Slow flow Yoga Level 1-2

This class will guide you through a traditional series of yoga poses with a smooth steady pace incorporating slow flows and holds. The practice of yoga will encourage a sound healthy body and clear peaceful mind. Modifications will be given. All levels welcome.

Yoga Strength

This class will take your yoga to a different place. A dynamic class that will tone your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and core using yoga poses, while having the option to add more resistance with your own body weight or light free weights.


Build a lean, strong body with Pilates. Our certified Pilates instructors will guide you through this system of exercises designed to develop core strength, build flexibility, improve body awareness, and decrease the risk of injury. Choose from free Pilates mat classes or sign up for fee-based small group Pilates reformer classes. Small group sessions are held in studios and offer classical as well as advanced training on the equipment. Private lessons are also available.

See the group fitness schedule for free Pilates mat classes or the Pilates schedule for Pilates reformer class times and fees. Sign up for fee-based classes and private lessons at the Club Desk or Contact the Group Fitness Director, Michele Koenemann at (949) 330-5506.



Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer workouts are like no other workout around!  These classes will focus on strengthen, lengthen and increasing flexibility with little to no impact on the joints.  Techniques based on Joseph Pilates will emphasis appropriate anatomical alignment to ensure proper posture and bring balance to the body, helping to reduce pain and injuries.  This workout is for everyone; from the person coming back from an injury to the advanced athlete!  See why this is the best workout around! 

Whether you are interested in trying out a class, Group, Privates or Duets, it is easy to get started!  Please contact Group Fitness Director, Michele Koenemann at 949-330-5506.

Pilates Reformer Pricing

Sessions are conducted on an appointment basis.
Please call (949) 330-5506 for flexible options that meet your busy schedule.


Single session: $90
Six-session package: $510
12-session package: $960
24-session package: $1800


Single session: $60/person
Six-session package: $340/person
12-session package: $630/person


Single session: $45 per person
Six-session package: $180/per person
12-session package: $336/per person
24-session package: $648/person

Cancellations: A 24-hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Group sessions may be cancelled due to low enrollment.


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