Workout of the Month, April — Teen Training

Posted by Marlin Bernabe, personal trainer at ClubSport Oregon on in Fitness and Kids blogs

Marlin BernabeAs grown-ups, we often forget to play like kids. This partially explains and contributes to why we're unable to move effectively, efficiently, and functionally. Change all that.

Workout of the Month, March — Plyometric Training

Posted by Valencia Higgins, personal trainer at ClubSport San Jose on in Fitness blog

Valencia HigginsGain explosive speed, quickness, and cat-like agility to blow past the competition with March's Workout of the Month. This month, the focus lies on Plyometric Training.

Workout of the Month, February — Sports Performance Training

Posted by Erics Clark, personal trainer and sports performance trainer at Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo on in Fitness blog

Erics ClarkFaster. Stronger. Fitter. Better. Step up your game with February’s Workout of the Month. This month, the focus lies on Sports Performance Training. Improve your coordination and become explosive through speed, agility, strength, and power drills.

Workout of the Month, January — Push-Up & Sit-Up Circuit

Posted by Moji Tehranian, Elite personal trainer at ClubSport Pleasanton on in Fitness blog

Moji TehranianTake your strength training to a whole new level. Kick off the year with a workout that targets your core and will give you great arms, too! First, hit all the major abdominal muscle groups with three variations of the common sit-up.

Workout of the Month, November — Barbell Training

Posted by Creig Nakano, Leisure Sports Inc. Performance Training Manager on in Fitness blog

Creig NakanoTake your strength training to a whole new level. Increase your total lean body mass and rev up your metabolism with this strength-building workout using the Olympic Bar. Incorporate this total-body approach in your program and you'll notice gains in your push, pull, and core muscles.