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Keep Your Kids Entertained

Kids World

Kids World keeps children from 6 weeks-12 years old safe and happy. Staffed with caringand attentive childcare specialists, our Kids World center lets kids be kids.

Kids Sports & Fitness

We encourage kids to have fun out on the courts, in the gym, and in the pool. Recreational classes and competitive leagues ensure that there’s something for kids of all ages and skill levels.


The best kids camps are at ClubSport. Put a smile on your child's face with fun-filled sports, activities, and projects. Camps are offered during school breaks in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Keep your teen healthy, strong, and sharp. Teen programs at ClubSport help improve athletic skills and set a strong foundation for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Junior Tennis

It’s fun to play tennis skillfully! At ClubSport, our USPTA-certified pros will help kids and teens improve their game in a fun and friendly — yet competitive — environment.

ClubSport Swim

Gain peace of mind and give your child the skills they need to have fun and be safe in the water. Junior swim lessons and programs are offered for every level, from beginner to advanced.

We encourage kids to be active. Our programs offer children a lively, engaging environment through fun activities and classes that will help establish a strong foundation for a healthy life. So go ahead and enjoy some "me time" at ClubSport and rest assured that we'll keep your child entertained, happy, and safe.

Lead by Example

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